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Orion Online Learning has been developing proprietary LMS content since our beginnings in 2006.  We opened Orion High School, Orion Middle School, and Orion Elementary School in 2007, 2008, and 2013, respectively.  Since our beginnings, we have sought to create engaging content that is accessible to our learners. Within that content, we have been able to embed meaningful tasks, and assessments that allow learners to be able to build knowledge.

Since our schools are 100% digital schools, our content has to allow for learners to access that content at any time of day; it has to 'speak' to the grade book, in cases where there are assessments in the content; and it has to allow flexibility for the teacher to create additional assignments, such as discussion forum topics, etc.  So, our content is the guaranteed curriculum, and the teacher's support is in both creating worthwhile tasks for the learner, and in providing substantive feedback for the learner.

Through the years, as we've continued to revise our content, we have settled in on a structure that works for us:

  • A course has up to 10 modules (SCORM content - we'll discuss below).  Each module is essentially what a traditional school unit might be;
  • within each module we have developed videos, information slides, and have provided credible links to the general internet, for further study
  • within each module we have created short assessments that report to the gradebook (SCORM)
  • in some modules, we have included a workbook (language arts, usually), or pdf files that allow learners to go offline, do the work, then come back into the LMS to upload the work into a homework folder

As we have gone through revision, we have often looked to see if someone provides ready-to-go SCORM content that we could purchase, and then upload into our LMS - we have not been able to find that.  We have now created SCORM content that you can purchase.  The content is ready to be uploaded to your own LMS, and we are adding more and more every day.